Cathedral & Churches Merseburg

Cathedral & Churches

The unique ensemble of Merseburg Cathedral, including the castle and the castle garden is certainly one of the region’s greatest architectural sights. Other highlights making the city a fabulous holiday destination are the famous raven legend and the Merseburg spells. A national showpiece is the cathedral treasure. The unique pieces have become even more accessible since the cathedral’s south cloisters rebuilt in 2008. Exhibited in the cathedral treasury are amongst others the magnificently painted bible, the ivory box dating back to the 13th century and the Romanesque portable altar.
You can visit nine other Merseburg churches in addition to the Merseburg cathedral.  We have listed some examples for you:

Neumarkt St. Thomas Church       
Church of St. Georg Meuschau

Church ruines of St. Sixti
City Church of St. Maximilian               
Municipal House Apostolic Church