Swimming Pool at the Hotel in

The swimming pool at the Best Western Hotel Halle-Merseburg in its Mediterranean décor offers you relaxation and water fun according to your prefernces.

The water temperature is a very pleasant 27 degrees, which makes it particularly enjoyable during the cold winter season. Swim far away at the Best Western Hotel

Best Western Hotel Halle-Merseburg Sauna

Spoil yourself during the cold seasons, pure heat and a cozy, healthy time!

The pleasantly dry climate of the Finnish sauna at about 90 °, stimulates your circulation and promotes the development of the body’s own immune system. It also supports the detoxification process during a stay of about 10 to 15 minutes.

The steam room at the Best Western Hotel Halle-Merseburg is heated up to 60 degrees and the heat causes the opening of the pores and thus purifies the skin. In addition, short stops in the steam room stimulate the metabolism and detoxification and as a consequence prevent illness.